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[에너지경제신문 서예온 기자] Binggrae’s health-oriented integrated brand’TFT’ recently launched a men’s health specialty brand’manoplan’ to strengthen its targeting in the health functional food market.

According to Binggrae on the 24th, the integrated health brand tft is a brand created after the English acronyms of taste, function, and trust. The second sub-brand of tft, Mano Plan, means’health plan for men’, and is a men’s health brand with the concept of a period for men’s health concerns. From the content of raw materials to the selection of subsidiary ingredients, the mano plan is designed in consideration of men and is characterized by an intuitive and simple way of eating in line with the characteristics of targets who hate complicated and cumbersome things.

Manoplan recently started funding a new multivitamin through the crowdfunding platform’Wadiz’ and completed it successfully. ‘Manoplan Multi-Vitamin’ can take 12 kinds of vitamins and 8 kinds of minerals, including vitamins A, C, D, E, and B groups, calcium, magnesium, and zinc in one cap per day. The content of the main ingredient is also designed to suit the health of adult men, and it contains 8 auxiliary ingredients such as red ginseng concentrate powder, maca extract powder, and oyster extract powder. It is easy to eat anytime, anywhere with a simple four-type package design.

Mano Plan’s first product,’Mano Plan Liver Health & Vitality’, is a product for men who have difficulty taking care of their health due to work, drinking, and stress. It is characterized by sudden intake. In particular, the drink at the bottom contains 8.5mg, which is the daily nutritional standard of zinc for normal immune function in 8 kinds of auxiliary ingredients including red ginseng concentrate and L-arginine based on vitamin B group.

In the human body, the liver is a very important organ that improves immunity through various functions such as detoxification, blood volume control, and antibody production. However, since there are no nerve cells inside the liver, it is often called’silent organs’ because 70-80% of them are damaged and no special symptoms appear. Therefore, continuous examination and management are necessary for liver health, which is an important reason why various liver health medicines and health functional foods are being sold. When Manoplan launched its brand, the first reason to introduce products related to liver health is that one of the important categories that male consumers are most interested in is liver health.

‘Tft’, a health-oriented integrated brand, recently opened an official online mall and is also making full-scale online sales. Through the official online mall, we plan to provide various customized solutions for consumers’ healthy life. The’tft’ online mall is designed based on the orange color that symbolizes the brand, and provides optimized contents and services in any environment such as PC or mobile. In addition, it was produced focusing on the convenience of consumers such as regular delivery service and gift-giving function.

The tft brand manager said, “As a health-oriented integrated brand, we will continue to actively promote new product launches and marketing to raise brand awareness and strengthen market influence.”

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