Bingo for Stéphane! Who was hiding behind the mysterious star?

That’s it, Stéphane has discovered his second midday star. Yesterday already, we could suspect that it was Leila Bekhti who was hiding there since the bottom of her face was easily recognizable. It will however have been necessary that all his pretty little face be discovered so that Stéphane finally faces the right proposal. The star amounted to 37,839 euros with many gifts like a car, electronic devices and many more.

Stephane overjoyed!

Overjoyed after having once again eliminated all his competitors, Stéphane shed a few tears when the star lit up again, signifying that he had given the correct answer. With his new winnings in gifts, his kitty rises to 130,343 euros, which will allow him to please those around him and ensure a bright future for his two boys. Indeed, the candidate explained that he wanted them to have every chance of succeeding in their studies. The candidate not yet accustomed to being recognized in his city had confided in our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs concerning the use of his winnings. “I’m going to keep my feet on the ground. I bought a house on credit, it will probably help me. I have a car loan, and my children are going to start their studies. My eldest Aymeric wants to become a school teacher, he has at least five years, or even more. Anthony wants to become a car maintenance technician. He will also have two or three years or more. They will have to be housed too, “he revealed. Stéphane said more about the set of 12 strokes of noon. Sunday September 18, he declared: “Now, I have some ideas in mind of what I will be able to [en] TO DO. I’m already going to put some [d’argent] aside for my children’s studies. It’s the priority, because it’s one of my dreams that they succeed in life, not like me… That they don’t struggle to get up at 2 a.m. every day, like me I have could struggle. I don’t want my kids to have to go through that.”

Kahina Boudjidj