The Argentine biotechnology company Bioceres, based in Rosario, announced an agreement with a US company and will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange (Wall Street). In this way, it will become the first company in Latin America with a presence in that US stock market.

After a frustrated attempt to quit at the beginning of this year, Bioceres signed an agreement with the company Union Acquisition Corp. (UAC), which will allow it to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange as a firm of that country.

The new company, which will have an initial value of 456 million dollars, will be integrated into six percent by UAC, between 25 and 30 percent by public investors and the rest of the shareholding will belong to Bioceres SA.

From the company rosarina they advanced that after the transaction, Bioceres will consolidate its participation in the subsidiary Rizobacter, an Argentine laboratory with headquarters in Pergamino, up to 80 percent.

In Córdoba, Bioceres has in partnership with Porta Hnos a AGBM. It is the only factory in the world of chymosin, an enzyme for the cheese industry, from safflower seeds.



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