Health Biogen drug purchases experimental Alzheimer's diseases from Pfizer

Biogen drug purchases experimental Alzheimer's diseases from Pfizer


Biogen Inc. buys. Alzheimer's experimental drug drug from Pfizer Inc.. for $ 75 million, plus additional payments in the future, expanding its commitments on therapies for the nervous condition. The drug, known as PF-05251749, will be developed to treat patients who are known in Alzheimer's patients, a condition where patients are more confused, aggressive or calming as the day progresses. The drug will complement Biogen's experimental drug based in Cambridge, aducanumab, which aims to treat the underlying causes of Alzheimer's. As with the $ 75 million payment, Biogen said in a Monday statement that it will give as much as $ 635 million to Pfizer depending on the drug that meets certain development and commercial milestones, plus sales duties. Aducanumab, Biogen's main promise of Alzheimer's disease, has been contested. After he failed the drug, Biogen announced last year that he had seen positive signs in a clinical trial that had enough to send the drug to US regulators for possible approval for use in patients. – BLOOMBERG NEWS


Wall Street Trader has been on holiday to use WhatsApp with work colleagues

WhatsApp can be a great way to communicate with friends, but when Wall Streeters get in touch, their businesses get very nervous. One of the most senior credit traders of Chase & JPMorgan Co., Edward Koo, is the latest member of the industry who is concerned about the messaging app. The veteran trader, who spent nearly 20 years in the firm's holiday was added because the bank carries out a review of his policies by WhatsApp conversations with colleagues to use, according to people who know the subject. Discussions included market dialogue, and the probe has not yet demonstrated any inappropriate activity, according to a person who was familiar with the investigation. The bank did not refuse to take action against other members of the group, one of the people said. – BLOOMBERG NEWS


N.J. workers' protection bill is set off

New Jersey state legal authorities approved a bill that would oblige employers to give more notice and pay separation to workers who were released from office, after a public backup against workers who have lost their jobs in the retail apocalypse. The bill, known as '' Toys Us R '' '' '' '' '' '' requires workers from the retail chain to filed a bankruptcy in 2017, that employers pay more weeks d & # 39. workers every year of service. It also gives employees 90 days notice, rather than just 60 days, in the case of a gross supply. It was approved 55-21. The Bill was approved by the State Senate, which only applies to employers who have 100 full-time or part-time workers or who set out 50 or more people, in December. He now goes to Governor Phil Murphy's desk, Democrat. – POST WASHINGTON


Visa fintech company buys $ 5.3 billion

Visa is buying Plaid's financial technology company for $ 5.3 billion, heavily pressed by the payment processor into other types of cash transfer systems outside credit and debit cards. Plaid allows consumers to link their bank accounts with financial services apps such as Venmo, PayPal, Betterment, and Transferwise. The company is an important man-made but not well known to the banks, who hold consumer money, and the many platforms they have the choice to choose. In a statement, Visa estimates that all four Americans have basic Party technologies with a bank account to link their bank accounts with other cash transfer apps. – BODY PRESS


Name the North American Corvette Car of the Year

The new Chevrolet Corvette engine won the North American Car of the Year award on Monday. Kia Telluride took the Sports Utility of the Year honors and won the Jeep Gladiator Truck of the Year Award. About 50 automotive journalists act as judges, for the awards, announced each January. Cars competitors included the Hyundai Sonata and Toyota Supra. The truck competitors were the people who were doing the heavy duty roles and Ford Ranger. The Aviator Lincoln and Hyundai Palisade entered the finals for the utility award. – BODY PRESS


Nordic banks can not be forced to accept Russian business, the court gets

A group of Nordic banks who are sued by a Russian oligarch are not required to accept their business, according to what might be a significant control by a court in Finland. Russian bills Boris Rotenberg, associate of President Vladimir Putin, lost his duty against four Nordic banks and ordered him to pay more than 500,000 euros ($ 556,000) to cover their legal fees, ruled Helsinki District Court on Monday. The court said that it would pose a significant financial risk if banks were to accept a business from Rotenberg, which is on the US sanctions list, which they are not legally allowed to take. – BLOOMBERG NEWS


Sacklers are considering a British pharmaceutical company to sell

Mundipharma International Ltd., a global pharmaceutical company owned by the billionaire family Sackler, is working with Deutsche Bank AG as the sale of the business is among potential leaders, known to people who know it. Sales of the business, based in Cambridge, England, could come from $ 3 billion to $ 5 billion, said the people, trying not to be recognized because the matter is private. A Sackler family – once known as global philanthropists and having a fortune from opioids and other drugs – has planned to pay $ 3 billion as part of a $ 10 billion settlement to settle a lawsuit against them and Purdue Pharma LP. The Sacklers were accused of a national epidemic that created more than 400,000 deaths, partly by overseeing an attractive marketing campaign that pushed doctors to over-prescribe OxyContin and had a very addiction. – BLOOMBERG NEWS


AstraZenaca clinical trial pills a fish oil pill to treat cholesterol

AstraZeneca will stop testing a fish oil pill for a harmful type of cholesterol which was in the highest and most expensive stage of clinical trials. The medicine, known as Epanova, did not have a very high probability of showing benefit when added to a statin for patients at risk of heart disease due to high levels of LDL cholesterol (or bad), Astra said. Monday statement. Epanova is a prescription 3 omega-3 capsules, found in the 2013 Astthera antibody removal in Astra 2013, which has been allowed to treat high levels of triglycerides, which also build up patient arteries. Fatty acids in fish oils helps to combat deposits in blood vessels. – BLOOMBERG NEWS


Walmart to add more robots to the stores

Army robot is Walmart Inc. growing. The world's largest retailer will put robots to scan 650 more US stores by the end of the summer, bringing its fleet to 1,000. The six-foot Bossa Nova devices fitted with 15 cameras each pass and send alerts to employees' handheld devices when items are out of stock, helping to solve a distressed problem that protects retailers. nearly a trillion dollars every year, according to IHL Group researcher. – BLOOMBERG NEWS

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