Biogen Stock Drops as Second Death in Eisai Alzheimer’s Drug Trial – Bloomberg

Pharmaceutical maker Biogen fell on the US stock market on the 28th. A second death was reported that was thought to be related to the Alzheimer’s disease drug lecanemab, which is being jointly developed with Eisai.

science magazineA 65-year-old woman in Eisai’s trial developed a stroke and cerebral edema and died of a massive cerebral hemorrhage, according to the report. She said the bleeding started after she was given an anticoagulant. Cerebral edema and hemorrhage have been previously associated with treatments that act similarly to the new drug candidate, the report noted.

Biogen’s stock fell nearly 5% at one point. Eisai had closed 1.2% higher on the Tokyo stock market on the 28th.

Lecanemab, the first drug shown to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in late-stage clinical trials, is expected to be a breakthrough drug that brings hope to millions of patients. Biogen and Eisai have released only limited trial data, though, and more results are expected at this week’s meeting.

An Eisai spokeswoman said in a statement that all available information indicates no link between lecanemab and an increased overall risk of death. He added that the cause of death could be difficult to determine because the patient was elderly, had medical conditions, and was taking other medications. Biogen has urged Eisai to contact them regarding this matter.

Original title:Biogen Falls on Report Patient Died in Partner’s Alzheimer Trial(抜粋)