Film studio MGM will make a biographical film about Richard Pryor, reports Deadline Monday. Actor and producer Kenya Barris makes his debut as a film director in the still unnamed film about his colleague who died in 2005.

Nothing is known about the cast of the film yet. The same goes for the release date.

Pryor’s widow is happy with the film project and the cooperation of Barris, who is known as a producer of Black-ish in America’s Next Top Model. “The mystery of the genius Richard Pryor will finally be investigated. Kenya Barris is the perfect person to do this.”

In 2016, Pryor’s widow collaborated with Harvey Weinstein’s production company on a film biography about her late husband. That film, in which Oprah Winfrey, Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson, among others, would have roles, never got off the ground.

Pryor is considered one of the most influential stand-up comedians ever. The 1940-born American also starred in movies and series, including Superman III in Harlem Nights. In addition to an Emmy Award, Pryor also won five Grammys.


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