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Bioinsurance of a newborn at birth: what future moms and dads need to know

We will understand how to insure a baby and what is bioinsurance?
You can save cord blood only once in your life – at the birth of a child. This service is called bio-insurance. The blood collection procedure is simple, painless and safe for both the mother and the child; it takes no more than five minutes. The expectant mother receives a blood collection kit in advance in the cord blood bank and sends it to her obstetrician already in the hospital. Then the kit is delivered to the laboratory, where a stem cell concentrate is isolated from the blood, tested and frozen in liquid nitrogen. There, a personal sample can be stored for an unlimited amount of time. There are contraindications for taking: hepatitis B and C, HIV and other diseases. Therefore, before concluding an agreement, it is necessary to consult with a specialist from Gemabank.
Do you know? More than 100 serious diseases have been treated for decades using umbilical cord blood cells, including blood diseases, the immune system, and a number of hereditary diseases. However, in the future this list may be replenished, as scientists are working on the possibility of treating cord blood cells with such diseases as Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, cerebral palsy, stroke, neurotrauma, heart and liver diseases, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries and many others.
Medicine: Stem cells are stored in the laboratory at a temperature of -150 ° C to -196 ° C. Under these conditions, they retain their viability and properties for decades.
Life begins with the cell
All human tissues and organs develop from stem cells. They are capable of active reproduction and self-maintenance, and also give rise to other types of body cells. The development of the body begins with a single cell – zygotes. As a result of numerous division cycles and the process of differentiation, all types of cells are formed.
Do you know? In the human body more than 220 types of cells. Stem cells are preserved and functioning in the adult body, they are responsible for the renewal and restoration of tissues, organs, the hematopoietic and immune systems. However, as the body ages, their functional activity and quantity decrease.
Do you know? The term “stem cell” (Stammzelle, German) was introduced into wide use by the Russian histologist Alexander Maximov in 1908.
Medicine: For decades, human stem cells have been used in medicine for transplantation for therapeutic purposes. For example, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is performed to restore blood formation in the treatment of leukemia and lymphomas.
Where do hematopoietic stem cells live?
Sources of hematopoietic stem cells are bone marrow, peripheral and umbilical cord blood. Every person has bone marrow from birth and is located inside the bones of the skeleton. Peripheral blood is the one that circulates through the vessels outside the blood-forming organs, normally does not contain stem cells, but they can be temporarily “expelled” from the bone marrow with special preparations. Cord blood is collected from the placenta and umbilical vein after the baby is born.
If umbilical cord blood is stored in a specialized bank, the owner of such a biological sample will receive a number of important advantages. First, the own cord blood cells belong only to the owners, in this case, the newborn and his family, which retained them for the purpose of bio-insurance. Secondly, they are 100% suitable for the child himself and 25% for his siblings in the event of a need for transplantation. Thirdly, it saves time and money for the selection of donor material.
Do you know? At birth, the mother can save the cord blood for further isolation of stem cells from it. Up to 3 billion nucleated cells can be isolated from cord blood.
Medicine: This volume of cells is enough to, if necessary, cope with serious diseases and restore the hematopoietic and immune system of the child.
Doctors recommend
After the 25th week of pregnancy, doctors recommend that pregnant women pay attention to the preservation of cord blood.
Cord blood is collected by an obstetrician in all maternity hospitals in Russia. However, the bio insurance service in our country is paid. Isolation and storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells are carried out by special private medical institutions – banks of stem cells. In the Russian Federation, the largest family bank of table cells, Gemabank, is engaged in bioinsurance of samples and providing them for treating a disease. It is owned by JSC "International Medical Center for Processing and Protection of Materials" (IMCB). In turn, the IMTSB is a 100% subsidiary of PJSC “Institute of Human Stem Cells”.
Do you know? The first private cord blood stem cell bank opened in the United States in 1992. Today, there are more than 200 such banks in the world. At the moment, more than 55 thousand personal samples are stored in Russian banks, and to date, every 500th sample has been used.
Medicine: The world's first cord blood stem cell transplantation was carried out in 1988. Now in the world there are more than 1 thousand such transplants per year.
About love
We all express our love in different ways. We give gifts, attention, care for loved ones. But such a gift as saving cord blood to protect your baby can only be made once in a lifetime – at the time of its birth.
Evaluate your options and make the right decision for your family. In Gemabank, a hotline for consulting on bioinsurance is open for future parents: 8 (800) 250-90-05.


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