Bionetys, the cleaning company that promotes well-being at work

When we talk about cleaning jobs, we often think of hardship at work or toxic products. In Marseille, the Bionetys company wants to restore this image by offering cleaning services that put the well-being of employees above all else.

To get to the Bionetys premises, you have to take a passageway in the very quiet rue Laforest, a few steps from the metro de la Timone. It remains to cross a small courtyard before seeing, on the left, a terrace equipped with brand new garden furniture in front of a bay window. Business or private house? The question is valid. Especially since a black bulldog suddenly tumbles, warmly welcoming visitors.

After three years at the Carburetor, Bionetys flies with its own wings in premises located on the side of the Timone @Bionetys
The company as a place of conviviality

« Newton, come here! », Says Yann Simonnet, founder of the cleaning company Bionetys. ” It’s a bit like the office mascot He smiles. A way to liven up the space and make it a friendly place to live.

Bionetys put its boxes here at the end of January. ” We redid everything, from floor to ceiling », Proudly announces the entrepreneur.

Upon entering, we first discover an alignment of offices lit by small spots that dot the ceiling. “ Here, it’s a coworking space that we share with other companies “. There are also meeting spaces and a relaxation room that looks like a family living room. Equipped kitchen, table, chairs, imposing corner sofa, large-screen TV … ” And soon we will have two game consoles. The employees voted in favor. It will be a way to make them want to spend more time here ».

Living the profession to get to know it better

Create team cohesion. Yann Simmonet is particularly keen on it as he knows how much cleaning agents can lack.


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