Bioshock – [Rumor] A new opus in development?


Beyond the rumors, remains to know if to find Bioshock would be good news …
Everything takes root in history of a Kotaku paper on the Hangar 13 studio and more specifically their latest title as Mafia III. Remember, released at the end of 2016, we can not say that Mafia III had a media success. Criticized for its numerous technical wanderings and its relative banality of construction, the title of Hangar 13 had only managed to float through a story plunging into a rather dark atmosphere of the late sixties mixing Vietnam War, segregation and of course mafia.
Having seen a large part of their premium disappeared, the fault of an overall unsatisfactory rating, the members of the studio, however, remained confident about the future. The reason was simple, despite a failure with the press, the title was the biggest start in the history of the publisher 2K Games .

But it was otherwise, since after a difficult 2017, two waves of dismissals, a relocation of part of the workforce to antennas in the Czech Republic and England and especially the transfer of some members of the team. direction of a new studio of 2K came to impact Hangar 13. And it is this point which interests us (one invites you to read the complete paper of Kotaku concerning Hangar 13, his fight named Mafia III and beyond).
Because this new studio, which tries to keep anonymity for the moment, would be focused on a new version of the Bioshock license. Not far from Hangar 13, which is experiencing the worst difficulties in finding meaning in its existence, this studio would be working on a project with the code name “Parkside” which would be this famous new entry in the Bioshock license if we believe it the statements relayed by Kotaku. Some say, fruits of discussions with developers close to the project or who would like to be seen their situation at Hangar 13.

A situation that of course causes trouble internally at 2K when the questions flock to the developers on the project (some of whom are former Hangar 13) only responding to a simple “sorry, we can not say anything And of course, few of Hangar 13 have had the chance to get a job in this famous project. Parkside “, The studio seems to recruit sparingly not to be caught in the hypothetical management problems due to too large staff.
However, if the news may seem good, we must also remember that the studio at the origin of the saga no longer exists (at least in its structure Irrational Games) and that its creator Ken Levine had announced not wanting to work on such large-scale projects, the fault of the ravages that such an activity had inflicted on him both physically and morally. Thus, if “Parkside” is the next Bioshock, it will be patient and careful. First, because the latter is still in its infancy and then, because without its creator, Bioshock 2 was less convincing. To see how it could happen this time.


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