Biotechnology: NASA cracks for a Corsican start-up

A young start-up from Ajaccio, founded in December 2017, has been chosen by NASA for a grant of 360,000 dollars, or 316,000 euros. As Le Parisien explains, BioMathematica specializes in biotechnology: "If we had to summarize our approach in one sentence, I would say that we decipher human microbiology using mathematical tools", explains to the daily Ghjuvan Micaelu Grimaud, the researcher and one of the co-founders of the start-up. His sidekick Sebastien Forcioli is the businessman BioMathematica.
Funding for their project was made possible by the studies of Ghjuvan Micaelu Grimaud, who completed post-doctoral studies at Michigan State University in the United States after studying at the University of Corsica. It was within the framework of his research project that they were able to respond to NASA's call for projects, which was immediately seduced by their dossier. The $ 360,000 grant is to be shared with two professors from the University of Michigan, "to fund research on modeling the evolutionary origin of various microbial metabolisms," says Ghukvan Micaelu Grimaud at the Corsica net info site.

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"We have an incubator in London to accelerate our development, but our offices remain in Ajaccio," explains the pair in Paris. For Ghjuvan Micaelu Grimaud and Sebastien Forcioli, "the goal is to be ready in three months to meet investors". This stock market from the United States could quickly accelerate the future of the young Corsican start-up.

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