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On the occasion of the N7 Day, a feast day for the saga Mass Effect, BioWare wants to make a point with his community on this series to know what players are waiting for the future of the saga.

After the commercial and critical failure of Mass Effect Andromeda released March 23, 2017, the series is rather discreet. But it seems that this will change! Indeed, BioWare formalizes more or less the future of the saga started twelve years ago, returning to the fans on their official Twitter account.

We want to know what you like about the world of Mass Effect and what you want to see in the future.

If you want to be heard on your expectations, BioWare invites you to join the thread Twitter using the hashtag # N7Day, but that's not all. Casey Hudson, the general manager of the Canadian studio says they already have plans for the rest of the series. Good news for all players who would like to be reconciled with this flagship license of the late 2000s.

We have thought a lot about our position in the world of Mass Effect and what we want to do next.

However, be aware that this new project is not for now. The studio is currently working on the likely continuation of Dragon Age Inquisition which would focus more on the history of Solas.

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