Birgit Schuurman presents herself as the proud aunt of baby Coco

The actress almost explodes with pride when she holds the little girl in her arms. ‘My sweet niece Coco is here … she’s beautiful, just like her mama! And daddy, ‘Birgit writes with a snapshot from the hospital. For Katja it is her second daughter. She already has a child with her ex-husband Thijs Römer, Sammie of 10 years old.

It was not an easy pregnancy for Katja. The actress took various medications for her fears, which she wanted to stop during her pregnancy. That turned out not to be possible. “I had enormous mood swings. I shot in all directions again, with real panic for the first time,” she said earlier. LINDA., the magazine of Linda de Mol. “I have been able to keep it away from Sammie for the most part, but she has also seen me cry very hard now and then. That sucks, because I am really a powerful person, but I cannot resist this. “

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