Bishop advocates for a safe and just country

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Monsignor Alfredo de la Cruz Baldera, obispo of the Diocese of San Francisco de MacorisHe said that he dreams of a country based on justice for all, where those who steal from the State are prosecuted according to their bad deeds.

In addition, the religious expressed that he longs for a safer nation, where young people can travel without fear of being assaulted or assassinated.

During the Tedeum homily, in the cathedral of San Francisco de Macorison the occasion of the 210th birth of Juan Pablo Duarte, the obispo He also expressed his desire and the importance that children can be born in hospitals without being kidnapped and that when they grow up they can play in the streets without being abused or raped, as well as his desire that the elderly have greater protection.

In the same way, he said he hoped that the citizens put into practice the honesty that characterized the patrician Juan Pablo Duarte.

Monsignor expressed the need to stop allowing the lack of transparency and honesty in government, military and ecclesiastical instructions.

In this sense, he urged the Judiciary to fulfill one of the many dreams that Juan Pablo Duarte had, which is to punish traitors.

“Anyone who steals from the State is a traitor to the Homeland and to Juan Pablo Duarte,” he declared.

The obispo I speak of the country that dreams, during the Tedeum on the occasion of the 210th birth of Juan Pablo Duarte. The religious act was attended by civil and military authorities of the Duarte province.

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