Bishop Rohrer is asked to resign

In December 2021, Bishop Rohrer, who also chairs the Californian Sierra Pacific Synod, fired the pastor of the Latin American Lutheran Mission, Nelson Rabell-González. The exemption met with fierce resistance in the Christian community, and Rohrer was accused of racist motives.

The leading minister of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Bishop Elizabeth Eaton, then assembled a committee of inquiry into the case. After completing his work, Eaton asked the bishop to resign. In a press release, Eaton explains that Rohrer’s lack of transparency has caused suffering and that trust in the work of the church has been lost.

Eaton has also announced that it will continue to sensitize employees of the ELCA and the Bishops’ Conference to issues such as racism and dealing with ethnic minorities.

Rohrer has not yet commented on the resignation request.

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