Bitch escapes in the Rhineland – and runs to Hamburg

Neunkirchen-Seelscheid near Cologne and Hamburg are around 350 kilometers apart as the crow flies. Dog Leya covered an even greater distance on her three-month odyssey from the Rhineland to the north.

Leya is said to have walked almost 600 kilometers since February 15th. On that day, the dog disappeared from her home in Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, which is between Cologne and Bonn.

Escaped near Cologne: bitch Leya found in Hamburg

In between, Leya was spotted in Olpe in the south-west of the Sauerland and in mid-April in the Harz Mountains near Goslar. At the end of April she reached Hamburg for the first time.

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Leya was able to resist a first attempt at catching last weekend. On Monday morning their journey ended in Hausbruch. A local resident found out about the missing dog via social media and alerted the police, a police spokesman said on Wednesday.

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The officials caught the dog, which appeared “well-fed and fit”, and handed it over to the Neu Wulmstorf animal rescue service (Harburg district). They took care of returning the dog to its owner. (dpa/fbo)