Bitcoin 2022 Price Leaks from CEO, Traders Will Be Happy – Seba Bank CEO Guido Buehler predicts Bitcoin price will skyrocket this year.

According to Seba Bank’s analysis, the price of Bitcoin will rise in the range of USD 50 thousand to USD 75 thousand.

Previously, the price of Bitcoin had reached its highest point in November 2021, which was USD 69 thousand.

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However, after that the price of the crypto with the BTC code dropped. Currently the price of Bitcoin is at USD 35,203.

“We believe the price of Bitcoin is going up,” said Buehler as reported by the Independent, Sunday (23/1).

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Buehler believes Bitcoin crypto volatility will remain high this year.

“The question is only a matter of time,” Buehler said.

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Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier also believes the price of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin will rise.

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