Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Bitcoin SV has big problems. The exchanges refused to work with cryptocurrency :: RBC.Krypto

Following Binance, Altcoin delisting was announced by the ShapeShift site and Blockchain.com wallet. The price of the coin fell by 21%

Over the past day Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency was removed by several exchanges at once. Originally announced about delisting Binance, after which the idea was supported by the head of ShapeShift Eric Voorhees.

“We agree with the position of Binance and Changpen Zhao. We will delist Bitcoin SV with ShapeShift within 48 hours, ”wrote Vourhis.

It was joined by the Kraken marketplace. She conducted a survey among users on Twitter – 72% of 61 thousand respondents called BSV toxic and voted for delisting.

Gemini co-founder Tyler Winkloss remindedThat the American platform did not initially add BSV. Also, the blockchain.com wallet announced the termination of work with altcoin. Even limited support for this coin will be discontinued in the coming month.

Over the past day, the average market value of Bitcoin SV dropped by 21% to $ 56.8. At the same time, trading volumes according to Coinmarketcap increased almost three times – from $ 107 million to $ 290 million.

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