Bitter Christmas! The suckling pig would be scarce and with prices through the roof for this reason

First the candles, then the liquor and even the toys; they warn of shortages and high prices even in the suckling pig.

Pork meat began to rise in price in recent weeks, a situation that has directly impacted Colombian households, as this is one of the main sources of protein consumed

Andrés Gutiérrez, marketing manager of Super Pork, assured that the purchase of meat has already fallen from 100 to 80 grams due to the increase that is already felt and causes consumers to prefer other cheaper proteins.

Apparently, the increase in the dollar and the cost of imports in raw materials, added to the container crisis that affected other products would be the cause of the rise, as reported by Noticias Caracol.

“Before the pandemic, a 100-kilogram pig cost 650,000 pesos, but today with the dollar and container crisis it costs approximately 1,100,000 pesos,” warned the newscast, a fact that directly affects the production and sale of the suckling pig.

As expected, pork is the main ingredient of the typical Tolima dish, which means that it will be through the roof in December. The news outlet added that with this increase, Colombians will be forced to abolish the product or limit its consumption.

“Every December the sale of pork increased by 35% or 40%. If at this time, with the prices that exist, we increase that same percentage, the cost, due to the increase in demand, is going to be through the roof ”, informed Juan Carlos Correa, distributor of pork, in the same newscast.

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