Bitter trip to Hall for the Saarlanders –

Canes come back from Hall with an injury list, but first things first.

Avniel Butler was seriously injured in Haller’s first drive and, after minutes of treatment on the field, had to leave the sports park in an ambulance. After the injury break, the Unicorns continued their drive and also scored the first touchdown.
In the Canes’ first drive and with a very good short pass, the green was bridged, the Unicorns took two time-outs in a row within a few seconds, but it went directly into the opponent’s end zone and Raphael Kopp scored the first points. However, the PaT was blocked. The home side’s next touchdown was preceded by a very bad snap by the guests and that was a pretty good TD for Hall.

As a result, the Saarlanders started again at the 25-yard line, but the opponent got the ball again through an interception and completed this loss of possession at the beginning of the second quarter directly for the next touchdown. The Canes were now 21:6 behind due to nasty mistakes.

It started again at the Canes 25-yard line and Benjamin Thompson carried the ball with a nice run to the other half of the field. With a 10 yard penalty, it went even further forward. It then went back and forth a bit due to various penalties on both sides. The guests played their 4th attempt, but this brought nothing more. After a great pass by the Unicorns, what followed was the next touchdown to make it 28:6. There was still 7:30 minutes to play before half-time. At 5:32 minutes on the clock, the Hurricanes intercepted again and the ball was again in the 15 of the guests. Another penalty gave the Unicorns the ball at 2 yards and the next touchdown followed to make it 35:6.

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The next interception took place at 1:50 in the 2nd quarter. However, the score remained at 35:6 at half-time.

The Hurricanes started the second half, but they went back a few meters due to another very bad snap. The Haller defense was wide awake and were able to slow down the guests time and time again. Hall had already started transitioning through. The third quarter held no more points. 4th quarter and 11:14 minutes left. The Unicorns broke a tackle and ran to the next Haller touchdown to make it 42:6.

The hosts didn’t get the canes defended enough and so Hall found himself again in front of the Saarlanders’ end zone. TD Unicorns 48:6 and 6:15 min to play. However, the PaT was not good.

But the Saarlanders were able to put the finishing touches to it. A nice pass to Marvin Fuchs and the guests stood at the Unicorns’ 34 yard, the Hurricanes achieved a new first down and then scored their second touchdown.

Saarland attempted a two point conversion and Benjamin Thompson caught Jack Lindsey’s ball in the end zone. The hosts went on their knees with 1:28 minutes remaining and ended this opening game 48:14.

The Saarland Hurricanes come back to Saarland with a lot of bad luck with injuries, it was an expensive game day with 5 injured players on the first game day.

But gifts were also distributed, and the 3 interceptions and the absolutely failed snaps, which ultimately led to touchdowns for the Unicorns, must not happen again.

Source/Photos: © Saarland Hurricanes – Uwe Gau

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