BIVA: The ambitious renovation of Vista Alegre


BMF presented this Thursday a new management model, which includes several reforms, with which it wantsrevitalize the Vista Alegre thing, which has been renamed BIVA(Bilbao Vista Alegre).

The main objective is that the building can host a multitude of events during the year with "a clear commitment to culture and leisure," said the company representative, Manuel Chopera. To do this, install during the months of October to May, from 2020,a translucent dome 15 meters high and with a capacity of up to 3,500 people, which cover the whole thing to house different non-bullfighting activities during the winter season.

The new bullring in Bilbao, BIVA, will become a reference center of the city, adapting the site to an improved and attractive space for society in which all kinds of cultural and leisure events are held. For this, an ambitious reform plan will be carried outto improve the functionality and comfort of the enclosure. The main actions to be undertaken are the following:

– Laying, stands and stands.Building sanitation and waterproofingof the exposed surfaces of an enclosure that has more than 50 years of life. In addition, all current seats are replaced by others of the highest quality and painted with the characteristic colors of the villa: red, blue, white, black and gray.

Hallways. All traffic areas will be restored and adapted.

Vista Alegre Room. The old dining room of the bullring is going to become a modern hospitality space.

Creation of a press room.

Redesign of the current bullfighting museum.

Section Space Restoration. The terrace is covered with a modern cover and great finish.

-Modernaticket office renovation, providing them with glazed spaces.

-The current lighting should be replaced byLED devices.

-Two giant screens will be installed inside the square to show audiovisual material.

-Restaurantfacade and exterior. The jealous blue ones are replaced.

-DOME. From October to May afixed, covered and heated structurethat occupy the entire arena to use this site during the worst weather months.

This space has a maximum capacity of14,758seats and seating areas4,000on the main track

According to the criteria of

The Trust Project

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