Bizarrap presented Godín as Vélez’s reinforcement

It made itself wanted, but it finally arrived. Diego Godin36 years old, is a new player of Velez. Disassociated from Atletico Mineiro, the former Atlético Madrid and Inter player will disembark on Argentine soil to play the final phase of the Libertadores Cup.

To accompany the bomb news, Vélez devised a presentation to match, which featured a luxury guest: the producer and composer Bizarrap. In the video, Biza receives a call from Vélez on his cell phone and starts the dialogue, “Is he coming? Confirmed? Uh, I’m going crazy.” After cutting off communication and before resuming one of his famous sessions, he apologized: “Sorry, Godín is coming to Vélez.”

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​​The publication on the networks and the video of Bizarrap

In search of continuity thinking about the 2022 Qatar World Cup, the Uruguayan defender had already reached an economic agreement with Vélez and only the officialization remained. The bond will be for 18 months, until December 2023.

The farewell of Godín del Mineiro

The Uruguayan player would have already agreed on the economics with the Velez club and would be linked for 18 months with Fortín. This is how the Brazilian team player said goodbye in his networks:

“​A few months ago I arrived in a city and a club where I met a lot of good people who helped me and made my day-to-day life easier here. That’s why today I want to thank everyone who works at Atlético Mineiro and makes this a great club”said the defender.