Bizarre traffic accident due to obstacles on the road turns out to be a game, police make ultimate call for witnesses (Brecht)

At the end of November last year, a traffic accident happened in Brecht. The driver, a 33-year-old man, crashes into a tree and is seriously injured. An investigation shows that unknown persons had placed objects, such as a bicycle, on the road that caused the accident. A misplaced joke? Or is there more to it? The police are now making an ultimate call for witnesses who know more about the bizarre facts.


Sunday 19 June 2022 at 13:03

The accident took place on the night of Saturday 20 to Sunday 21 November 2021, around 02.25 am, in the Kloosterstraat in Brecht. Guy, 33, was on his way home from dinner with friends and drove onto the road unsuspectingly. An unlit track between the fields, but one that Guy does every day and therefore knows through and through. In the pitch dark, he saw just in time that a bicycle was on the road and tried to avoid it, only to ride over something else. He then lost control of the wheel and crashed into a tree. He suffered two cracked vertebrae in the process.

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While Guy was dazed in his car, a second driver also ran over the bicycle. The woman was not injured and was able to help Guy out of his car. Together they went looking for a victim, convinced that Guy had hit a cyclist.


Joke or bad intentions?

It soon becomes apparent from the police investigation that Guy had not hit anyone, and that there was therefore no victim. The objects were even intentionally placed on the road surface shortly before the collision. It concerned a bicycle, fences and concrete blocks in which a fence is normally attached.

The Voorkempen police zone has not yet been able to identify a perpetrator, or several perpetrators, and is therefore putting the case in the spotlight again. Not only Guy, but also police officer Nick Krols of the corps involved is still asking a lot of questions. “Someone who does that should know that there is a very good chance that someone will run into it,” he tells VTM. “Does that mean that someone put the bicycle and the fences there with bad intentions? Or was it someone who did it in a drunken stupor, as a joke?”

The investigators are now looking for people who know more about this fact and are calling for witnesses. The bizarre traffic accident is also highlighted in the VTM investigation program ‘Faroek’. If you have more information about the facts, you can contact the investigators via [email protected] or via the toll-free number 0800/30 300.

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