Bjorka Tracked and Chased by Layered Articles


Law enforcement officials are still investigating the case of data leakage by Bjorka hackers. However, he was actually caught in his position from an unexpected source and unfortunately not the police.

There are a number of new developments from the Bjorka hacker case. This is the latest news as compiled by detikINET, Thursday (22/9/2022).

1. Location of Bjorka revealed?

I don’t know where the special team that handles the problem has reached data leak in Indonesia, have tracked Bjorka. However, he seems to have been caught in another way.



The location of the Bjorka hacker may have been revealed after doing a land copy (kopdar) with a Breachforums user named Emo. In a thread on the dark forum site, Emo admitted that he had just met Bjorka.

In his post, Emo claimed to meet Bjorka at a shopping center in LA, without explaining further what LA stands for. But usually, this abbreviation LA refers to Los Angeles, a city in the state of California, United States.

“I met Bjorka at a shopping center in LA yesterday. I told him, it’s really cool I can meet him in person, but I don’t want to be rude and bother him to take a picture together,” wrote Emo.

Bjorka also replied to the thread and wrote that he said he was happy to meet him. “Nice to meet you @Emo,” wrote Bjorka.

2. Got angry with fake accounts

After a few days of silence, Bjorka hackers back to voice on the Telegram channel. He commented on the many fake Bjorka accounts popping up from TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

“Since my last Twitter account (@bjorkanesian) was blocked, until now, I don’t have any Twitter account. So if there is an account that uses my name, then it is a fake account,” wrote Bjorka in the Telegram group, Tuesday (20/9). ).

In addition, Bjorka also admitted that he never had an Instagram or TikTok account. He also admitted that he had never made videos on the two platforms.

“I’ve never had an Instagram or TikTok account, nor made stupid videos. F*** stupid people who make weird videos and claim to be me,” he added.

Bjorka confirmed that his only communication channels were Telegram and the forum. However, Bjorka’s Telegram and Twitter addresses listed on’s profile are old accounts that have been blocked and Bjorka has not updated them.

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