Black Friday 2021: the best controllers for consoles

With the arrival of the Black Friday 2021 There are inevitably offers and discounts also on console controllers, essential accessories for gamers. Price cuts are already falling on Amazon on numerous models and brands, and for this reason we have decided to collect the best discounted gamepads in this article.

In this guide we have chosen to list the best alternative controllers to the official consoles for three main reasons: the first is that, usually, they are cheaper variants and more subject to discounts than the official counterparts of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. The second reason is to be found in the additional functions that most of them incorporate into their features: just take a look at the additional keys of the PowerA controllers, the audio controls of the PDP controllers and the lockable triggers of the Razer Wolverine V2 to give examples.

The third and final reason that prompted us to look for alternative controllers for your consoles is the aesthetics, since most of these products try to differentiate themselves by eye-catching or even customizable graphics, shapes and aesthetic details. PowerA controllers, for example, have a lot of graphics based on famous characters and brands, mouth-watering for the purest fans of these famous brands. Other controllers on the other hand simply have particular shapes, more aggressive or more ergonomic, which can satisfy different tastes. Another feature of concern is the positioning of analogs: are you more comfortable with an asymmetrical position of the levers or do you prefer them at the same height? Consider these details carefully before making a purchase.

At the end of this guide we have also included the official controllers of next-gen consoles, as we have seen in the past that some official models have been subject to small and large discounts during the Black Friday period and the one immediately preceding it. Consult this guide frequently because we will update it continuously as soon as we discover attractive offers on products worthy of attention. Before you start exploring this article, also check out the best alternative Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch, the best cheap controllers and the best pro controllers.

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Console controllers, the best of Black Friday 2021

PowerA Advanced Wired Controller

  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Controller Console Black Friday 2021

PowerA is one of the alternative brands to the official ones that offers more variants to console controllers. In particular, we have found interesting discounts on Advanced Wired models for Nintendo Switch, distinguished by illustrations representative graphics of famous brands of the world of the Big N such as Animal Crossing, Mario and Pokémon. Beyond the intriguing aesthetic details, PowerA’s Advanced Wired Controller boasts two additional mappable buttons on the back of the handle, detachable USB cable with velcro strap and 3-5mm audio jack. The whole is supported by the officially licensed for Nintendo Switch which guarantees quality and immediate compatibility.

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» See offer on PowerA controller model Fuffi
» See offer on PowerA controller model Pokémon Holiday Sweater
» See offer on Bulbasaur model PowerA controllers
» See offer on Charmander model PowerA controllers
» See offer on Pikachu model PowerA controller
» See offer on Mario model PowerA controller
» See offer on Aquatic Fantasy model PowerA controller
» See offer on PowerA controller model Fuchsia Fantasy

PDP Gaming Controller

  • Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch
Controller Console Black Friday 2021

PDP, which stands for Performance Designed Products, is another popular brand in the field of alternative console controllers. In this period we have found offers on gamepads for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch, all with attractive aesthetics and, in some cases, even interchangeable: controllers for Nintendo Switch, for example, have the removable upper shell, and the whole is perfectly licensed by the Large N. In other cases, as in the Afterglow models, the shell is semi-transparent and allows you to glimpse the internal mechanisms of the product, with even the possibility of changing the light of the internal LEDs. PDP gamepads for Nintendo Switch are also the first controllers with integrated audio never made for the console, with the ability to adjust the audio through the D-Pad. The back of these controllers also features two programmable buttons. Xbox controllers on the other hand have two vibration motors and adjustable pulse triggers through the dedicated PDP Control Hub app.

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»See offer on Afterglow PDP controller model for Xbox One

»See offer on Phantom Black model PDP controller for Series X | S
»See offer on Midnight Blue PDP controller for Series X | S

» See offer on Blue Camo model PDP controller for Switch
» See offer on Red Camo model PDP controller for Switch
»See offer on Viola Camo model PDP controller for Switch

JAMSWALL Controller

Controller Console Black Friday 2021

The JAMSWALL controller is a very good one cheaper alternative to the DualShock controller for PS4, also compatible for PC. The materials are of one hard and sturdy plastic, with well-modeled curves in design. The pad also mounts a double vibration system to offer realistic gameplay feedback. The touchpad, unlike the other PS4 DualShock emulators, it works correctly and allows you to access all the gestures programmed for the games running on the Sony console. The pad is also equipped with integrated speakers and stereo headphone jack 3.5 mm (to be used preferably with the supplied PS4 headphones). The JAMSWALL controller is also equipped with 3D acceleration sensor and of gyroscope. In short, compared to a traditional DualShock it lacks nothing!

» See offer on JAMSWALL controller

Razer Wolverine V2

  • Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC
Controller Console Black Friday 2021

Razer shows up on Black Friday with a high quality professional gamepad on discount. The Razer Wolverine V2 controller is designed to offer maximum control and precision: the ergonomic design of the pad allows a natural grip and a fast and precise interaction, assisted by a non-slip rubber grip. The Razer controller also mounts two mappable multifunction buttons on the front, customizable via the Razer Controller Setup for PC and Xbox. The action buttons and the D-Pad have a system defined by Razer “mecha-tactile, able to return reactive actions with their softness to the touch. The triggers are equipped with blocco Hair Trigger to reduce their run and to ensure you have a competitive advantage over your opponents.

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» See offer on Razer Wolverine V2 controller

Offers on next-gen official controllers

  • Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X|S
Controller Console Black Friday 2021

The next-gen of video games, in the name of PlayStation 5 and of Xbox Series X|S, is also distinguished by the advanced functions of its controllers. While the market is still trying to settle down, the official controllers are for the moment the best possible gamepads for the new consoles. The Sony DualSense is a jewel of technology: feedback aptico on the whole body e adaptive triggers are two functions that significantly modify the gaming experience by expanding the tactile sensitivity from mere feedback to mechanical component. On the Microsoft side, on the other hand, we find the new and very comfortable controllers of Xbox designed to be comfortable, ergonomic and accessible to anyone. At the moment the only offer found is on a PS5 DualSense bundle with a video game, but spend the next few days checking out new offers.

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