Black Friday, not forgetting security while shopping, NordVPN limited time offer to enhance privacy protection-Hong Kong

Every year comes the end of the year, the general meeting begins to permeate a strong festive atmosphere, and the Black Friday shopping festival is quite eye-catching in the United States and other places. Friends who like online shopping believe that they do not intend to miss this opportunity. However, you must also pay attention to privacy and security when you scan the goods. NordVPN has launched a limited time offer to facilitate users to shop with peace of mind.

During the online shopping discount season, you may receive a lot of publicity and browse different online stores. Most of our online activities will leave footprints, ranging from advertisers to collect data to provide more personalized advertisements, and at worst, identity theft and even monetary losses.Cybersecurity is not just something that large companies or organizations need to pay attention to, but it can also have a serious impact on individuals

Cybersecurity threats are everywhere

Many people may think that when they use computers or the Internet, they are just watching TV shows and shopping. There is no confidential information to worry about cyber threats, but in fact, the popular phishing attacks in recent years usually hack computers to make them part of a botnet, or Stealing identity for further attacks as the target. The former may significantly slow down the performance of the computer and increase its power consumption. After the identity is stolen, it is more likely to be stolen along with bank or credit card information, resulting in money loss.

▲ The consequences of theft of personal data can be serious

Of course, this can also be a springboard for attackers to use the identity of the victim to log in to the company or organization’s network for other attacks. Previous incidents such as the hacking of Twitter celebrity accounts were due to the inadvertent disclosure of employee login information inside Twitter, which caused serious problems. Therefore, personal network security cannot be ignored either.

Online footprints endanger privacy

I believe that many friends have tried to tell their friends what they want to buy, and then there are related product advertisements online, which is very scary. But instead of being monitored, our every move on the Internet, including search or browsing records, will leave footprints in various forms. Advertisers will use these footprints to analyze and provide personalized advertisements.

▲ The web tracking tool is hidden in the code and is hard to detect

Although most personalized advertisements are harmless, they also show to a certain extent that it is not too difficult to track online activity records. If you encounter intentional abuse of technology for other purposes, the consequences can be large or small. To avoid network activity being tracked, in addition to browser and device settings that can improve security, such as disabling cookies, logging out after each service, etc., VPN is also a tool that cannot be ignored. By hiding your real IP, Prevent websites from locating and detecting user identities through IP, and further improve privacy protection.

NordVPN’s good reviews

There are many brands you can choose for VPN, and since it is a tool to ensure security, it is more stable to choose a reputable and stable service. NordVPN is one of the most famous VPN providers. In addition to its consistently good reviews, its service packages are also quite practical, which can give full play to the protection advantages of VPNs.

▲ Use VPN to make you feel more at ease regardless of entertainment or work

According to the test, the common vulnerabilities of NordVPN in VPN services, including IP leaks, DNS leaks, and WebRTC leaks, are all very good, which can ensure that the user’s real IP will not be known to the outside world during Internet use. In addition, NordVPN has specially added the Kill Switch function. If the VPN connection is unexpectedly interrupted, the device will immediately stop the network connection to avoid continuing to connect to online services without VPN protection, which will lead to failure.

▲ Passed the network tracking test

Good time to start with new offers

On this year’s Black Friday, NordVPN launched a 72% discount. A two-year plan subscription only costs $79, which is $3.29 per month. The discount period is from October 27th to November 29th. This is the biggest discount event of the year. If you want to shop online with peace of mind, this discount event will be a great opportunity.

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