“Black Friday” results: what did Lithuanian shoppers buy and how much did they spend? | Business

The term “Black Friday” originated in the United States of America (USA). This day is called the first Friday after Thanksgiving, during which most stores in the United States offer deep discounts, attracting a large number of shoppers.

“Black Friday” is also increasingly popular in Lithuania. Although in the last few years the hunt for discounts has been overshadowed by the clouds of the pandemic, and now record inflation is recorded in Lithuania and there is talk of a recession, sellers say they have not noticed any negative trends.

“Scanpix”/AP Photo/Black Friday in the shopping centers of the world

So what did Lithuanians buy on Black Friday this year and how much did they spend?

Head of Varlė.lt: Christmas will be generous

Marius Butauskas, the founder and manager of the online store Varlė.lt, says that this year, the online store’s sales have increased by 20 percent compared to last year’s Black Friday. Compared to other Fridays in November, goods were bought for three times the amount.

According to the director, this year’s “Black Friday” was more abundant not only in terms of the number of customers, but also in the basket of goods – compared to the average for November, customers chose more expensive goods, the average basket amount increased by 15 percent. photo/Marius Butauskas photo/Marius Butauskas

“The numbers show that there are no signs of a recession, Christmas will probably be generous as well,” says M. Butauskas in the report.

At that time, PHH Group, which owns e. store “”, sales in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia were 12 percent. higher than during this campaign in 2021.

“” announced that it had reached an all-time Black Friday sales record – the number of orders on that day exceeded 26.7 thousand.

Julius Kalinskas / 15min photo / New store opened

Julius Kalinskas / 15min photo / New store opened

“As we predicted, the difficult economic situation did not prevent us from achieving record sales,” sales manager Kristina Liškauskaitė said in a statement.

Shop 15min clarified that sales in Lithuania this year were 11 percent. higher than last year’s Black Friday and nearly 4 times higher than a typical November day.

At that time, the flow of customers in the physical and electronic stores of Avitelos and Elektromarkt increased by 20 percent.

Flokati counts a 10-fold increase in turnover

Shoppers turned to more than just electronics on Black Friday. Mindaugas Sakalauskas, head of marketing and e-commerce of Flokati, which sells woolen products, commented that during Black Friday the turnover increased up to 10 times, compared to the usual sales.

“More than 60 percent we received customers online, the rest chose to shop in physical showrooms. In our case, the number of visitors to the online store during Black Friday increases up to 7-8 times”, – 15min said M. Sakalauskas.

Company photo/Mindaugas Sakalauskas

Company photo/Mindaugas Sakalauskas

According to him, interest in woolen products increases significantly when the weather gets colder. This trend is particularly evident this year, when people are looking for natural ways to keep warm as energy resources become more expensive. According to him, sales increased by more than 40 percent on Friday.

What did the compatriots buy?

M. Sakalauskas mentioned that the most popular products during “Black Friday” were those that customers chose to give as gifts – woolen slippers, socks, towels.

“Wool blankets, vests and blankets also received more attention,” said the interviewer. nuotr./Vilna nuotr./Vilna

And how much money did Lithuanians spend?

M. Sakalauskas said that the average basket during “Black Friday” did not grow much.

“As usual, it was higher when shopping in physical showrooms than online. I think that when buying larger products, such as bedding or clothing, buyers want to see them in person, touch the wool, try them on or get additional advice. “The average shopping cart in the e-store during Black Friday exceeded 60 euros, and in the salons it was more than 70 euros,” said the representative of Flokati.

At that time, M. Butauskas noticed that buyers were choosing goods of various categories: household appliances, smart devices, toys.

Julius Kalinskas / 15min photo / Capital Kindergarten – “Ažuolas”

“This year’s best-selling Black Friday item is Marshall wireless headphones. Xiaomi fryer, Samsung Galaxy tablet, and Lego advent calendar are in the top five. However, perhaps the most surprising thing is that more and more buyers appreciate the advantages of cooking at home – the Soda Stream carbonated beverage maker shot into the top five like a rocket, M. Butauskas named the trends.

At that time, the representative of “” indicated that Lithuanians mostly bought mobile and smart devices, toys, furniture and small household appliances.

“The most expensive purchases made during the promotion were 3D printers, which cost more than 4 thousand. euros, 3 thousand fixed computers and televisions worth EUR 2.5 thousand, laptops. euros”, said K. Liškauskaitė.

Žygimantos Gedvilas/BNS photo/Electronic trade

Žygimantos Gedvilas/BNS photo/Electronic trade

Irmantas Viliūnas, the head of the marketing department of “Avitelas prekybos” confirmed that this year buyers were looking for coffee machines, pumps, as well as televisions.

“It is possible that the World Cup, which is taking place at an unusual time, had an influence on it. Game consoles, Dyson products and Samsung and Apple mobile phones were also available. Consumers seem to be trying to plan bigger purchases for Black Friday in anticipation of more significant discounts.” 15min commented I. Viliūnas.