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The Black Friday will take place on November 23rd and, on this occasion, you may want to change your smartphone. Apple, OnePlus, Samsung, Huawei or Honor: many mobile phones will be on sale.

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The smartphone is one of the stars of Black Friday, and for good reason: this high-tech device, very expensive in normal times, is usually subject to big discounts on this day of extreme balances. Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to buy a new mobile phone at a low price. And all brands are concerned!

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Samsung smartphones

The recent announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 lets hope for first discounts on this smartphone, sold at a price that exceeds 1000 euros. If good surprises could be at the rendezvous, it is certain that slightly older mobile brand Samsung will be offered at discounted prices. The Samsung Galaxy S9, the Galaxy S9 Plus, the always at the top Galaxy S7 and many other models will be offered at attractive prices by the e-tailers.

Good deals SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 + Plus Dual Sim 4G 128GB Gold: 257 € saving

Good deals on Apple smartphones

The iPhone is not the smartphones that are found the most on sale on Black Friday, but it remains possible to do good business with Apple brand mobile phones. Some promotions on the iPhone X are expected at e-merchants, but it is especially the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which are older models, which should offer great discounts to the Black Friday opportunity. If you're more iPad, do not worry, the connected tablet from Apple is also one of the stars that day.

Good plan APPLE iPhone X: 486 € saving

  • iPhone XS Max 64 GB Gold at 1039 € instead of 1378,8 € or 25% discount
  • iPhone XR 64 GB White at 764,99 € instead of 855,28 € ie 11% discount
  • iPhone X 256 GB Silver at 934.9 € instead of 1099 € or 15% discount
  • iPhone 8 PLUS 64 GB Silver at 669.99 € instead of 795.28 € ie 16% off
  • iPhone 7 32 GB Silver at 449.99 € instead of 529.12 € or 15% discount
  • Apple iPhone XR 64 GB: 739 € instead of 855,28 €: 10% discount
  • Apple iPhone XS Max 64GB – Sidereal Gray at 1059 € instead of 1207,99 €: 16% off
  • Apple Iphone XR 128go at 771 € instead of 844 €: 16% discount
  • Apple iPhone XR 64GB – White at 739 € instead of 855,28 € 14% off
  • Apple iPhone XS Max 256GB – Sidereal Gray at 1169 € instead of 1497 €: 18% discount
  • Apple iPhone XS 64go at 979 € instead of 1159 €: 15% off
  • Apple iPhone XS 256 go to 1066 € instead of 1319 €: 20% discount
  • Apple iPhone XS Max 64go at 1059 € instead of 1207 €: 16% discount
  • Apple iPhone XS Max 256 GB at 1169 € instead of 1376 €: 18% off
  • Apple iPhone XS 256GB – Gold at 1066 € instead of 1327,68 €: 20% off
  • Apple iPhone XR 64GB red at 739 € instead of 854,99 €: 14% off
  • Apple iPhone XS 256GB – Silver at 1066 € instead of 1327 €: 20% off
  • Apple iPhone XR 64GB – Coral at 739 € instead of 830 €
  • Apple iPhone XR 64GB – Yellow at 739 € instead of 830 €
  • Apple iPhone XS Max 64GB – Gold at 1059 € instead of 1207 €: 16% off
  • Apple iPhone XR 64GB – Blue at 739 € instead of 816 €: 14% off
  • Apple iPhone XS 64GB – Silver at 979 € instead of 1155 €: 15% off
  • Apple iPhone XS Max 64GB – Silver at 1059 € instead of 1157 €: 16% off

Huawei smartphones

On the side of Huawei smartphones, it is expected that many traders break prices on the occasion of Black Friday! Among the expected terminals on sale are the Huawei Mate20 and the Mate20 Pro, the Huawei P Smart, the Huawei Mate10 Pro or the Huawei P10. These smartphones, very popular, should benefit from significant reductions: in recent years, Huawei smartphones were among those with the best promotions!

Good deal HUAWEI Mate 10 Lite black: 30 € saving

Smartphones Honor

Already offered at attractive prices throughout the year, Honor smartphones still have good plans at Black Friday! The 2018 edition should allow to find the Honor 8X at a low price, but also the Honor 10, the Honor Play or the Honor View 10 at promotional rates.

HONOR 10 Premium Phantom Blue: 150 € saving

The best OnePlus smartphones

On the side of the brand One Plus, there is not much to hope for Black Friday, unfortunately! Last year, the brand even opposed the event by making a provocative "promotion": a reduction of 1 euro on its OnePlus 5T! The OnePlus 6 should not be offered at a discounted price for Black Friday.

Which brands will sell smartphones?

To take advantage of smartphones for Black Friday 2018, several important brands are to follow. We can mention the Amazon classics, Fnac and Cdiscount. But Darty, RueduCommerce, and eBay also offer a lot of promotional mobile phones that day. The manufacturers themselves offer promotions on their websites. Feel free to compare offers and prices during the Black Friday period, to take advantage of the best offer in terms of discounted smartphones.

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