Black Saturday in France, also during the corona crisis

French traffic police are preparing for the first black Saturday of this summer with perhaps more than 900 kilometers of traffic jam. Black Saturday probably starts early in the morning with traffic jams on the A6 / A7, the Route du Soleil. After that, traffic also gets stuck on the A10 between Orléans and Tours and at Poitiers towards Bordeaux, the ANWB provides.

Mount Blanctunnel

There is also a lot of traffic on Saturday through Central France via the A20 at Limoges and A75 at Clermont-Ferrand. Travelers heading to Italy on the N205 in front of the Mont Blanc tunnel should especially take into account delays on Saturday morning.

The state of Baden-Württemberg has a holiday in the south of Germany and a second wave of holidaymakers is leaving from Bavaria. It is getting busy again towards Austria and Slovenia, but there is also a lot of returning traffic to the north. In Austria, the major bottlenecks are the A10 Salzburg-Villach and the Karawankentunnel on the border with Slovenia.

Leave later

Holidaymakers who want to avoid the biggest crowds, do well, according to the ANWB, to depart from the Netherlands on Saturday from 10:00. It is even better to only start on Sunday.

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