Black Star's dirty billions … How does Timati launder the income of Kadyrov's friends?


Multi-million debts, but huge profits. It seems that we have found out how Yunusov succeeds.

Today, November 7, Timur Yunusov, better known as Timati, again handed out free burgers on the occasion of the opening of the next Black Star Burger restaurant. This time in Minsk.

Timur opens new points with enviable regularity, about once every two months. At the same time, Yunusov’s business suffers multimillion-dollar losses – he has accumulated a debt to the tax in the amount of 6 million rubles. Such extravagance looks extremely stupid if you forget about the friendship between Timati and Ramzan Kadyrov.

Not so long ago, the media leaked information about a strange deal between Yunusov and an influential friend of Ramzan Akhmatovich. Timati sold the Grozny Black Star Burger to Movsadi Alviev, one of the most influential people in Chechnya.

It is not known why Alviev needed a loss-making restaurant, as well as how much he paid for it. The nebula of the transaction and its apparent inconsistency raises suspicions of money laundering.

The same restaurant

Perhaps this sale is part of a corruption scheme, and therefore the amount given is hidden from the public. Alviev could either pay much more than the market value, or get a restaurant for a pittance. One way or another, big money passed the state.

Apparently, it was thanks to the dirty fraud that Timati Corporation manages to bring him and his partners a huge income – about 2 billion rubles of net profit per year, and this despite the debts.



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