Black Wings Linz adjust access regulations for home games! –

Finally! After three away games in a row, the Steinbach Black Wings Linz are returning to the Linz AG Eisarena for a home double next weekend.

An adjustment to the previous 2G+ access regulation will apply both in the duel against Znojmo on Friday and in the Sunday game against VSV.

In addition to proof of vaccination or proof of recovery, a valid PCR test (valid for 72 hours) must be presented in both cases. A PCR test is also mandatory if a third vaccination has already taken place.

If the result of a PCR test has not arrived in time, an antigen rapid test can also be submitted as an exception. This must be carried out by an authorized body (test line, pharmacy). Experience has shown that the result is obtained within a short time. The rapid antigen test is valid for 24 hours.

However, it must be possible to credibly prove that the PCR test was attempted in good time. Proof of this can be provided in the form of confirmation of a timely appointment for the PCR test or confirmation of the submission of a throat test.

In your own interest, we ask that you make an appointment for a PCR test in good time or submit a gargle test in good time, as the evaluation can take a long time due to the current Covid situation.

Without a valid PCR test (or, in exceptional cases, a confirmation of submission of a PCR test plus an antigen rapid test that is no more than 24 hours old), entry to the Linz AG Eisarena is not possible without exception.

As with the last games, standing room ticket holders have the opportunity to convert their subscription to a seat at the box office on the day of the game. During the entire stay in the Linz AG Eisarena, it is compulsory to wear an FFP2 protective mask, which may only be removed briefly while consuming food and drinks at the assigned seat., image: