Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio ended their romance for this reason

Written in SHOW the 29/5/2022 · 08:30 hs

Blake Lively She lived her golden age between 2007 and 2012. At that time, the actress became the dream of every teenager. She was starring in the newly rebooted series Gossip Girl and it had become a smash hit. The actors lined up to work with her, although they hid other intentions as well.

Leonardo DiCaprio was one of them. Soon the gallant achieved his goal and they started dating. Their romance was one of the most talked about almost a decade ago. Everyone expected to see them together, the gossip press besieged them wherever they went.

Blake Lively y Leonardo DiCaprio. Foto: Twitter @famouzcouples

However, a year after ending their relationship, he ended up marrying Ryan Reynolds. Together with him, he has not only achieved a consolidated couple, but they have also had two daughters. They met in 2011 while filming the hit movie Green Lantern. Today they can safely boast of one of the most stable romances in Hollywood.

Why Blake Lively ended her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio and ended up marrying Ryan Reynolds

no one understood why Blake Lively and the protagonist of Titanic ended their courtship. Although it was difficult for them to make the matter official, the truth is that when they did, they were seen from beach to beach, from yacht to yacht and from event to event. They always appeared very much in love and were caught having dinner very often. Suddenly they were no longer seen together and soon the rumors settled.

Blake Lively y Leonardo DiCaprio. Foto: Twitter @famouzcouples

Leonardo DiCaprio I wanted something more formal,” he told himself for several months. However, this speculation ended when it was Blake Lively who got married and ended up starting a family. The years realized that it was she who wanted something more than what the Hollywood star could offer her. Without going any further, it is he who has not yet said yes, nor has he had children.