Blanca Suárez and Mario Casas finish


Madrid Spain.

The Blanca Suárez actors (30) and Mario Casas (33) they ended their relationship After almost two years together.

As the program has assured Heart of Spanish Television, last September, during the San Sebastian Festival, the interpreters already made separate lives despite the affectionate statements Houses in the presentation of Goodbye, his last movie.

Before the media, Mario Casas praised the figure of Suarez and called it "the icon of all icons." In addition, he added that "we are doing very well, really."
However, the break between the two would have occurred due to incompatibility of agendas, according to the program Heart.

Mario Casas It's one of the spanish actors most famous thanks to their participation in the romantic movies Three meters above the sky, while Blanca Suarez has gained worldwide recognition for being one of the protagonists of the acclaimed series of Netflix, The cable girls.

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