BLHV Messenger is moving to WhatsApp

Important association news from the BLHV, specialist articles from speakers and all information about events can now also be received via WhatsApp.

To do this, the BLHV uses innovations in the app, such as the fact that up to 1024 users can join a group and that several groups can be managed via so-called “communities”. The association now uses WhatsApp groups to send messages, in which messages can only be posted by the BLHV. All other group members can only read and forward the messages, but not reply. So everyone is spared from a flood of news. In addition, all messages are automatically deleted after seven days, which should simplify the clarity of the messages. Anyone who already uses WhatsApp can easily join the group using the QR code printed below. Anyone can also leave the group at any time. As soon as the first group reaches the maximum number of participants, another one will be opened. This has no effect on the group members, everyone will receive the same messages and the same regulations will apply in all. The previous messenger service of the BLHV, which could only be received via Telegram and Signal, will soon be discontinued.