(ANSA) – ROME, 12 AUG – Also this year, le
controversy for the anti-beating blitz on the beach of Ostia da
part of Casapound. The president M5S of the municipality condemned him
and LeU asks for the intervention of Minister Salvini "why not
they are in control of the rules "." No to the patrols
intimidating, no to the DIY blitz "says the
pentastellate president of the municipality of Ostia, Giuliana Di
Pillo, condemning the blitz with a lot of bib with the
written Casapound and immortalized in a video by the councilor
municipal training of the right Luca Marsella.
  The Local Police Group has put a
available a number to report this phenomenon. TO
stigmatize the episode, which had also occurred there
last year, also Stefano Fassina, councilor of the Left for
Roma deputy LeU. In the video posted by Marsella on Facebook yes
see members of Casapound dismiss a coconut seller between
the look of the bathers.



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