We have received a statement from Blizzard about the situation. Then we tell you what we were told about it.

In accordance with Claudia Camp, PR and Events Manager of Blizzard for Latin America, Spanish-speaking players in Mexico and throughout Latin America will not be impacted and "our services and dedication to them continue in exactly the same way," the representative replied via email.

In addition, it was clarified that the relationship with the press will be handled by her from Irvine, California, while INK PR will continue as a support agency to address issues in the region.

Original story

The current week has been marked by the strong news that despite having registered record numbers, Activision-Blizzard cut hundreds of its employees. Although one might think that this decision only impacted its main offices, the reality is that it has gone further, as we have confirmed information that at least Blizzard, it suspended its direct presence in Mexico.

According to a source of Atomix, since yesterday, those who work in the public relations part for Blizzard in Mexico, they were dismissed and that for now, the official operations of the company will be carried out by third parties.

There is talk that 15 people were removed from their posts, but we can only confirm that Josafat Vargas, PR Manager of Blizzard for Spanish-speaking countries, he said goodbye to us, as he was part of the lamentable cut of the company.

As soon as we have more information about the situation of the company in our country, we will let you know. In Atomix We are very sorry for the situation and we hope that those affected will soon find a place to be back in this industry.



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