Blizzard confirms cross-progression for Overwatch 2

Supervision allows one person to have multiple accounts for a variety of reasons, such as playing with friends at different skill levels and playing on different platforms. However, when a player creates a new account, he does not have any of the items that he earned before. With the many achievements, sprays, voice lines and skins in Supervision, it can be confusing to keep track of what you’ve earned. With surveillance 2 On the horizon, there have been many questions about how player accounts and earnings will make the leap. However, Blizzard seeks to provide peace of mind for these players and has begun to prepare fans for a smooth transition to surveillance 2.


Blizzard announced in a press release the Supervision website where cross progression will arrive Supervision y surveillance 2. Players will be able to merge account progress and cosmetics into one account through a verification process on Players will be prompted to select which accounts they want to merge into their account when they first log in, followed by a series of steps that will quickly take them through the account merge process. If players merge their accounts now, they will be ready when the title goes live. surveillance 2 game launcher, and all your cosmetics will be available.

Cross-progression can be set up and ready as of today, however there are some stipulations with this version. In the announcement’s FAQ, Blizzard explains that Supervision players will only have one chance to merge their preferred accounts. Apparently there won’t be a “buy” option to merge other accounts like there was for changing names on Supervision. Players will only be able to merge one of each platform per account. For example, a PlayStation account and PC or Switch, PC and Xbox, but not two PC accounts.

Most of the FAQs were geared towards console players and covered topics like Overwatch League token pooling, credits, custom game settings, sponsorship levels, and more. Competitive SR placements and game settings such as sensitivity and button mapping will remain separated by input groups.

The introduction of cross-progression feels like one of the final steps in getting console Supervision players ready and in the best position to convert without problems to surveillance 2. Crossplay was introduced in Supervision over a year ago, and allowed almost all platforms to play against each other except for ranked competitive play. Although Blizzard asks console players to do this as soon as possible, these changes will only be seen when surveillance 2 releases

surveillance 2 launches October 4 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Blizzard