The reactions to Diablo Immortal are intense. For Blizzard even more violent than expected.

What happened? Since Diablo Immortal was announced at BlizzCon 2018, there has been growing criticism of Blizzard and the way the game was introduced. According to Blizzard, a violent reaction had been foreseen, but not so severe.

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The dispute swings up

How do the fans react? After the announcement of Diablo Immortal, many fans have vented their anger on social media, at reddit or at BlizzCon itself. In the initial reactions they have

Meanwhile, the dispute is taking on ever more intense dimensions. Fans justify insulting Blizzard employees (via reddit), contacting journalists (via reddit) who disagree, and even started a petition (via to stop Diablo Immortal.

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The dispute is bigger than expected: Blizzard has already commented on the criticism in an interview. In conversation with the US side Kotaku came now still more impressions from Blizzard come to light.

According to Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham, emotional reactions of this kind were expected, but not "to that degree". You know that the audience consists of passionate PC and console players.

"We've already seen something like that before. We have seen a similar reaction when we announced Diablo for consoles or Hearthstone. We knew that people desperately wanted to see or hear this one thing, "Adham said.

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The soothing went backwards: For that very reason, Blizzard wrote a blog entry shortly before BlizzCon, hoping that a Diablo 4 would be dispelled.

But according to Kotaku, it's written in a way that companies like to talk about.

With the knowledge of the usual PR-talk one could read out from the blog post that nothing bigger will come.

However, it had the opposite effect on passionate fans. Nowhere is it explicitly excluded that "the next big Diablo thing" will come at BlizzCon. That was probably enough for many fans to hint for further hope.

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It went as well as it went: In the subsequent conversation Adham believes that his team has solved the issue as well as possible:

We tried to anticipate the blog post and let people know that we are working on several things.

We do not announce things at Blizzard until we're ready. It's all about the quality of the game, less about the timing. The most important thing is to provide an overwhelming experience for the players

In the following conversation, Adham reaffirmed that several teams were working on several projects and that he hoped hardcore fans would play and love Diablo Immortal.

The guiding principle is always to deliver amazing games of overwhelming value to players, regardless of the genre or platform. Adham also understands the feelings of the community and wishes that he could say more about the other Diablo projects.

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Community can not understand that: In particular, the points of quality already aroused the community in advance. On reddit the fans complain about exactly this point:

Blizzard used to cancel games like Ghost and Titan because they did not conform to Blizzard quality. Now they outsource games and just give them a new skin. I'm not sad, I'm disappointed and angry.

In addition, the fans feel abandoned. In many posts, the members assure that Blizzard has built the foundation on loyal PC fans and now leaves them, because more can be fetched on mobile.

The Q & A on Diablo Immortal at BlizzCon also failed to reassure the audience. Whether this Shitstorm still lays and how Blizzard reacts further, it will show.

Also, when many fans are offended, according to our author Schuhmann, Diablo Immortal shows how confident Blizzard is.


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