Blizzard halts development of new content for StarCraft II

While they will continue to fix bugs and their competitive scene will remain, there will be no new items to purchase from the store.

Snow storm is known to keep her works alive for many years. World of Warcraft Yes OverwatchFor example, these are two signs that, both for over a decade and in recent times, the company has focused on producing timeless works, capable of delivering hours of immeasurable pleasure even despite the passage of months. StarCraft IIIn this sense, he is one of the clear bastions of the transnational, offering lovers of tactical strategy a safe bet since 2010. However, unfortunately for those who still appreciate his proposal, the company announced a major change to its model.

In this regard, the company shared an entry in the official forum of the work, where they revealed that they will no longer produce content for it. « We will continue to support Starcraft II the same way we did with our other long-running games, such as Brood war, focusing primarily on what the grassroots and competitive community wants the most. It means that we will not produce additional content that can be purchasedlike commanders and war chests, but we will continue to do the necessary seasons and balances from now on“, They explained.

Therefore, although Starcraft II It will continue to receive patches and other updates that will keep its servers stable, production users will no longer have access to new items within the store, but they will be able to continue enjoying its essential mechanics without any inconvenience. .

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