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Blizzard just fixed Mythic Sylvanas’ fight during Race to World First

by archyw

Sylvanas Windrunner has caused a lot of trouble in World of Warcraft’s new Sanctum of Domination raid. Now, as five clans compete for the title of the first in the world to overcome the raid on Mythic difficulty, Blizzard has released an overhaul and has at least invalidated a team boss strategy in the middle of the fight.

As user Stan explains on the Icy Veins forums, the leading guild, Echo, had adopted a strategy for the Sylvanas fight in which player Noawh would tanker one of Sylvanas’s middle attachments, the Mawforged Forged Colossus. The rest of the raid party could focus on attacking Sylvanas during her damage phases, which they reasoned would reduce the MMORPG’s raid boss’s health to 45% before her anger kicks in.

This could have worked, except that during the fight, Blizzard added a new mechanic. The Mawforged Colossus now has a rage timer of its own that kicks in as soon as Sylvanas is targeted, and if not killed quickly, it will take out the entire raid party, as Dot Esports explains.

Here’s a clip captured by a WoW subreddit user:

Since Noawh couldn’t damage the Colossus fast enough on his own, Echo was sent back to the drawing board in raid boss strategy right in the middle of the boss fight.

This was a frustrating setback for Echo, now six days into the race for the world’s first to beat the final boss in the Sanctum of Domination raid on Mythic.

Ok this is just a sabotage at this point

– George (@RogerbrownWoW) July 19, 2021

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We will see who ends up winning. Now perhaps fans can stop roasting the Sanctum of Domination cinematic and go on to marvel at the first raid boss who switched mid-race.

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