Blizzard Keeps Trying: New Warcraft Mobile Game in Development

Over the past few years Blizzard has found itself developing a host of new games and franchises. Some of the games that were working were intended directly for mobile devices and although two of them have supposedly been canceled (mobile MMO and Pokémon GO style), the Warcraft Arclight Rumble project is still active, a mobile strategy and action game where collectible Warcraft miniatures come to life and face each other in epic battles body to body.

new game in development

Currently there are several job vacancies with the category “Unannounced Warcraft Mobile Project”where in their entirety they are looking for artists to make characters, creatures and environments set in Warcraft.

At the moment we do not have much more information on the subject, but without a doubt we will be attentive to any news that we can find.