Blizzard removes reference to Jeff Kaplan from New York map (Overwatch 2)

During the early hours of last Saturday to Sunday, the Blizzard team shared more information about Overwatch 2 and more specifically, the great changes and modifications to Sombra and Bastion.

During the broadcast and while the Overwatch League final was being played, an exhibition game was held on the New York map, a first for Overwatch 2. Reddit user CeeLo38 quickly noticed a change in the map of what we were previously able to see, and it is nothing more than the removal of the reference to Jeff Kaplan (former Director of Overwatch) on the poster of a pizzeria, as shown in the image.

This type of action that Blizzard is taking is being quite recurrent in all its franchises after the lawsuit filed by the State of California against the company for cases of harassment and humiliation of employees. The company already announced weeks ago that it would review all references in its games and that they have to do with employees or former employees and that no more would be added in the future.

Since Overwatch 2 has not yet officially released, surely Blizzard has made the decision to review the references that were added during the development phase and remove them before the game finally sees the light of day.