Blizzard to release World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion ‘later this year’ – Gaming – News

Phew… I quit pre-9.1 (the community was the main reason, the content was kinda focused on fast M+’s, I wanted Raiden, and metagaming became such a factor that the community hammered so hard on ideal routes/min max that it got toxic… I was cutting edge, just for context, but pre-nathria (where I cleared 6/9 mythic before stopping) and actually BFA (which I still liked) it kept getting… more e-sportlike.

Dragonflight did look nice in the announcements, and maybe “late enough” that maybe as a casual heroic pleb (and some dungeons with friends playing for fun, not min max, and happy with a +12) that occasionally what world content wants to do can enjoy. World content in particular has always fascinated me, and the “minecraft Elytra style” dragon flying also appealed to me (I love flying, but air swimming very quickly became a thing of ‘set direction in tomtom, press autorun, go afk’) . As far as I’m concerned, an ideal mix of freedom and fun.

But I’m scribbling back because of this… “this year” isn’t that long anymore. Add (American) holidays to that, and it’s already quite short. Dragonflight has it all (but so did SL, every zone was conceptually mega cool), and the theme seems cool, but we’re not even at an alpha yet. We don’t even know anything about dungeons except for 3 names (Neltharus, Life Pools, Uld-something). We know even more about the pre-patch than the expansion itself!

Potentially it could be a WOTLK-style continent, in feel, in world, in exploration, and of course dragons, but less than half a year while there isn’t even an alpha, is too short for this game IMHO.

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And that’s a red flag for me. I do not pre-order and I will decide on the basis of. release…