BlizzConline, the annual community game festival organized entirely online by Blizzard Entertainment, ended with the interest and support of numerous Blizzard and game fans around the world.

At the Blizz Conline, which took place on February 20th and 21st, Korea time, Blizzard thanked the fans of the global community, who have been together for 30 years. In addition, starting with the opening ceremony that delivered the latest news related to the company’s franchise, a variety of procedures followed, such as a time for communication with developers and a community contest.

At BlizzConline, two e-sports events were also held, giving fans a different kind of fun. In StarCraft Legends, where 8 players who made up the history of StarCraft were sorted out, Min-cheol Jang, who won the StarCraft remaster individual battle, produced Terran units using the mind control of the Protoss. The game was followed by interesting scenes and exciting matches.

The San Francisco Shock, the first Overwatch League to win two consecutive tournaments, competed in an exciting competition with a dream team made up of various members: Shock vs. World Tactical Drawing, Chuckle Challenge, 6v6 duel (6v6) Showdown). The winner of this event match went to the World Team, who won the final 6v6 duel.

In the video that wraps up the schedule on the first day, a surprise performance video of Mamamoo, a popular K-pop group not only in Korea but also around the world, was followed.

At this BlizzConline, new news about Blizzard’s major franchises were announced.

First of all, Diablo 2: Resurrection, a faithful remaster of Diablo 2 and its expansion pack Lord of Destruction, will be released within the year on Windows PC and console platforms. You can apply for an opportunity to participate in the upcoming PC open test on the official website.

In Diablo 4, a new class, Rogue, which is characterized by fast, lethal, and highly mobile, was unveiled for the first time.

In Hearthstone, in the year of the new regular power Griffin, the Core Set, Classic War, and a new expansion pack Barrens were unveiled. In addition, the Hearthstone Mercenary Corps, a new one-player competition game mode, is also released and is scheduled to be released within the year.

World of Warcraft has unveiled the first major content update for the Shadowlands expansion, The Chain of Domination and The Burning Crusade Classic, which is also expected to be released within the year.

In addition, the Blizzard Arcade Collection, which updated Blizzard’s early hits such as Lost Viking, Rock and Roll Racing, and Black Thorn, to the latest platform was introduced. It is included in a commemorative collection that was unveiled earlier this month to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Blizzard.

Overwatch revealed the status of development and progress after the initial release through Overwatch 2: The Story behind it to players. The video revealed new locations where players will meet in Overwatch 2, as well as new appearances of heroes and new Null Sector enemies.

Anyone can watch the video content such as the opening ceremony of this Blizz Conline, new news and game-related announcements, and various events for free through replay.

Dongmin Seo, reporter of Gametalk

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