Blizzard’s title reduces teams to 5 players, shows new maps and presents a promising future

Tremendous direct that Blizzard offered us last night. Two good hours of Overwatch 2 in which we could see interesting details that will modify what became GOTY of the year 2016.

The most important novelty and the one that will change the dynamics of the games enormously will be the reduction of the members in combat. While in the first Overwatch the confrontation was 6vs6, now the maximum will be set at 5 users per team.

In this sense the Tank characters will have more potential when fighting and they will not dedicate themselves solely to defending. The classes will receive passive skills, keeping the already known ones active and to show all these changes we have been able to see several maps.

Monte Carlo, Toronto, New York or Rio are some of the enclaves that will allow us to fight battles and all the scenarios are faithful to their real namesakes. Assault mode will disappear from Quickplay and Competitive Play, although it will remain available to play.

In replacement, Blizzard continues to work on including more game modes, without confirming details about their formats. One that we already know is that of Push, which consists of pushing a robot towards the enemy base and whoever succeeds will win the battle. More maps will be able to enjoy these encounters.

Finally, regarding the story mode it has been wanted to point out that not all maps of Overwatch 2 they will be part of it, so surprises are still expected in this regard.

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