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BlizzCon 2018: the main announcements

Like every year, the BlizzCon is an opportunity to discover the new games of Blizzard. Most franchises are concerned. This 2018 edition is shared between concrete novelties and the return of former glories of the studio. Here are the main infos to remember.

The arrival of World of Warcraft Classic for the summer of 2019

Far from being a revelation, World of Warcraft Classic is a paradoxical novelty since it will replay the original version of WoW, released 15 years ago. This version of the game, however, will benefit from some redesigns welcome, just to stick to the best current trends. Its availability is officially set for summer 2019. Subscribers to the standard version of World of WarCraft There will be free access, but in any case you will have to go to the cashier to play.

We'll talk to you soon!

Ashe, new character of Overwatch

Introduced in the new short film, MeetingAshe is a character associated with McCree that looks promising. With her big rifle, she makes massive damage, including remote, and his ultimate invokes Bob, a robot that already has a lot of fans. We do not know yet when she will arrive in the game

WarCraft III Reforged, an expected remaster

Halfway between the remake and the remaster, WarCraft III Reforged will get back on the whole of the campaigns of WarCraft III and its extension, The Frozen Throne. Expected release in 2019, there too. We'll talk more about it on Monday.

A new extension for Hearthstone

The Rastakhan Games will arrive on December 4, 2018. This new extension ofHearthstone will add 135 cards and new game mechanics.

Diablo Immortal, a new mobile game

Announcement expected, Diablo is back in a new game for mobile platforms (tablets and smartphones) next year. On the program a brand new campaign, whose plot is between Diablo II and Diablo III. A promising title, which we'll talk to you again soon.

World of WarCraft: The waves of Vengeance

The WoW that we know well offers itself an important update via the extension Battle for Azeroth. New quests, new raid, new war front, new islands to explore … in short, important content that will, once again, enhance the experience. The arrival date of this update is not yet known.


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