BLM founder discredited for private parties in million-dollar villa | Abroad

Cullors told the AP news agency on Monday that she celebrated her son’s birthday party at the $6 million house early last year. Later, she is also said to have organized a meeting there to celebrate President Biden’s inauguration. This while Cullors previously claimed to have never used the villa for personal gain.


Black Lives Matter faced a lot of criticism last month after it became known that the organization bought the multi-million dollar villa – which includes six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a swimming pool and a sound stage – with the help of donations from BLM supporters. The organization subsequently apologized and promised to be more transparent in the future.

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BLM then blamed the media for the “incendiary and speculative reports in which journalists probed the group’s financial records and caused damage.”

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Cullors, who resigned last year, subsequently called the reports “despicable” and claimed the criticism of her was “sexist and racist.”

Discredited again

However, since Monday, the self-proclaimed Marxist has again come under fire. She tells AP that she has used the villa for private purposes, while she initially claimed that it would only serve as a meeting location and campus. She also issued a statement denying suggestions that she had lived in or misused the property for personal gain.

She comes back to this in the interview with AP. She admits to having lived in the villa temporarily in January 2021, because she had to deal with death threats. During this period, she also hosted a party during President Biden’s inauguration. She said she received about fifteen guests, including prominent supporters of BLM.

In March 2021, she is also said to have hosted a birthday party for her son at the property. “I was planning to pay a rent to BLM for this,” Cullors said. According to New York Post BLM confirmed they billed Cullors for the party. They are also reviewing the policy to prevent such use in the future.

‘No personal benefit’

Cullors admits in the interview that she made wrong choices while she was still working for BLM. But despite this, she denies claims that she personally benefited from leading the movement.

One of the other board members, Shalomyah Bowers, reports New York Post that since Cullors stepped down last year, the organization has worked hard to get its finances in order.