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Effects of asthma spray on COVID-19

When people have asthma, it seems to protect them to some extent from severe courses of COVID-19. In an investigation of the causes of this protective effect, a simple asthma spray has now surprisingly been identified as a key factor for this.

The use of asthma spray with budesonide can prevent corona disease from taking a severe course, according to a study involving researchers from the internationally renowned University of Oxford. The result of the study was published on the English-language preprint server “MedRxiv”.

Severe corona disease rarely occurs in people with asthma

The researchers wanted to find out why people with asthma have less severe cases of COVID-19. The experts also analyzed what role conventional asthma sprays could play.

For the study, the team looked at 146 people with COVID-19 who were split into two groups. One group of participants was instructed to use a commercially available asthma spray with budesonide twice a day while they were ill; the second group did not use the agent. Budesonide is used to treat respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD.

COVID-19 mostly took a mild course due to asthma spray

The people in the test group (with budesonide) reported in most cases that they only suffered from mild symptoms such as cough, fever and headache in the course of their illness. In addition, the typical, well-known COVID-19 symptoms also occurred: The researchers report the loss of the sense of taste and smell.

Only one serious illness when taking budesonide

Overall, only one case with a severe course of COVID-19 occurred in the test group, the experts report. In contrast, the participants in the control group developed ten severe courses of COVID-19 over time, which made it necessary to admit them to a hospital.

Glucocorticoids prevent the virus from multiplying

Of course, the researchers also wanted to find out what the determined protective effect was due to. Appropriate studies have shown that so-called glucocorticoids (steroid hormones) such as budesonide prevent the virus from multiplying in the airways, explains the team.

Risk of severe course reduced by 90 percent

If the participants inhaled the active ingredient budesonide twice a day via a normal asthma spray, this reduced their risk of severe COVID-19 disease by 90 percent, which is a significant clinical advantage, the researchers explain. Another noticeable benefit of using the asthma spray in people with COVID-19 was that milder courses of COVID-19 lasted an average of one day less, the team adds. (as)

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  • Sanjay Ramakrishnan, Dan V. Nicolau Jr., Beverly Langford, Mahdi Mahdi, Helen Jeffers et al.: Inhaled budesonide in the treatment of early COVID-19 illness: a randomised controlled tria, in MedRxiv (veröffentlicht 08.02.2021), MedRxiv

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