Blockages persist on the road to the landfill

Despite the calls to the community not to take the waste out onto the streets, streets flooded with garbage are beginning to be seen in the city.

In the city of Neiva, despite the call not to take out garbage, various main roads are beginning to be flooded with waste, which is creating an unfavorable environment in the city.

It is important to mention that since the early hours of yesterday, the inhabitants of the communities of La Jagua, La Mojarra and El Caimán of the township of Fortalecillas have once again blocked the road that leads to the Los Ángeles sanitary landfill. They argue that the agreements reached with local authorities since January of this year have not been fulfilled.

This has prevented the company in charge of waste collection from carrying out its work in the Six and Eight communes of the city. For this reason, Neivans have been asked to avoid taking out their waste, a call that extends to other sectors, including nearby municipalities.

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The local authorities are working to find a solution and restore the waste collection service as soon as possible.

The Community hopes that a dialogue between the Municipal Administration and the protesters will be achieved to resolve the differences and find a peaceful solution to this situation. Meanwhile, the community is urged to collaborate and not take their waste onto public roads, in order to avoid further inconvenience and maintain a clean and healthy environment in the city.

Once the service is restored, the company in charge will announce the route it will take to collect waste in the different sectors of the Huilense capital and its surroundings.

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2023-06-01 14:09:38