Blocked several days in New York, 250 passengers lodge complaints against their airline


They were stuck in New York for several days last January because of a storm and felt abandoned by the companies that were to transport them. Today, 250 passengers of XL Airways and Norwegian are suing the French justice for compensation.
This is a first in France. 250 passengers joined forces to bring the French and Norwegian airlines XL Airways and Norwegian to justice. They require no less than 2.5 million euros in compensation. The collective procedure was filed Monday in front of the high court of Bobigny by their lawyer Lorraine Papart, according to The Parisian . They denounce “breaches of the right to information, assistance, moral and bodily injury and finally an unfair commercial practice”. »READ ALSO – New York: Passengers blocked by snow want to go to court The claims of passengers are clear: “We ask XL Airways and Norwegian 15,000 euros for each of the elderly with serious illness and for pregnant women who have suffered a pathological pregnancy on their return to Paris and 10,000 euros for others”, says Lorraine Papart. According to her, some passengers have taken steps to be compensated, but would have received no response for the most part and only a “handful” of euros for the lucky ones. These compensations will not have been enough to appease the anger of the 205 customers of XL Airways and the 45 customers of Norwegian. The roots of their indignation are to be found in a misadventure that dates back to the beginning of the year. From January 4 to 11, these 250 passengers were pinned to the ground by an extreme cold wave that froze traffic at the New York airport. “We found ourselves stuck for several days sleeping on the floor,” Yasmine Awad says. Parisian . “I was shocked by the XL Airways staff who spoke poorly to the passengers and who gave us no assistance,” she says. »READ ALSO – Strike at Air France: how to postpone or get your ticket refunded? Thus, more than cancellations, passengers denounce the attitude of the company and its staff towards them. “The obligations of information and assistance to passengers provided for by the 2004 European directive were not respected,” said Aurore Papart. For its part, the company XL Arways indicates that it “still has not received the complaint”. However, it explains that “this event is due to the concordance of very exceptional circumstances: first extreme weather conditions, then the collision of two aircraft that completely paralyzed traffic and, finally, the explosion of a pipeline in the airport, which has led to its evacuation. “The company spokesman says that it has” set up the duties of assistance “by” warning the passengers by SMS or email. ” »READ ALSO – Airplane delay: to be compensated, you have to prove that you were on board The company says it “understands the anger of the passengers” and “understands that the frustration of being faced with staff who do not have the solutions can create the impression that they are not doing their utmost”. She assures that this is indeed the case: “a crisis unit was opened from the first day, all the teams mobilized.” XL Arways also denies selling airline tickets during this event. ” With regard to compensation, the company remains vague: “the compensation for exceptional circumstances do not fall under the European regulation, so we treat passenger requests on a case by case basis”.


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