“Blonde”: this is how the tape did in the first week on Netflix, the results are surprising

A week ago it came to Netflix one of the most anticipated productions of the year: “Blonde”, the biography of Marilyn Monroe, played by the Cuban actress Ana de Armas.

The expectation was very high with the release, not only because of the approach of the film and the divided opinions in the presentation of the Venice Film Festival of the film, but by the interpretation of Anne of Arms who has already stood out in the industry with films like “Blade Runner 2049” (2017), “La Red Avispa” (2019) o “Deep Water” (2022).

The controversy over its results in the first week Netflix is ​​equal to the controversy of a biopic that has raised blisters among critics and viewers. As confirmed from Netflix in this first week “Blonde” ranks second in the world with 37,340,000 million hours of viewingbelow Lou with 46,190,000 million hours, although the latter is in its second week of release.

In Netflix they record that the film has been within the Top 10 spots in 93 countries and has ranked #1 in many others, in Latin America they include Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Venezuela.

However, viewing hours are far less than any success the platform has had, even more so considering that the duration of the tape is almost 3 hours.

Compared to other tapes like The Adam Project with Ryan Reynolds, film that achieved more than 90 million hours in just three days, many describe the numbers as disappointing and as a failure for Netflix. Nevertheless, it is vital to wait to deepen the analysis and the results of this film, you have to look in perspective to realize that this is a long-winded film.

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The three key facts to see the tape about Marilyn Monroe

Based on the novel of the same name by five-time Pulitzer Prize finalist Joyce Carol Oates. the film ‘Blonde’, starred Ana de Armas, Adrien Brody, Bobby Cannavale, Xavier Samuel and Julianne Nicholson. He movies of 2 hours and 47 minutes in length shows us the life of the Hollywood legend, Marilyn Monroe.

A film that portrays us crudely and intimately the life of the blonde Hollywood star, who from a young age experienced her mother’s mental problems and who grew up under the shadow of abandonment and lack of love.

Director Andrew Dominik delivers a tape loaded with pain and shows the reasons that led her to make different decisions that marked her life and her loneliness: “Her ashes are scattered all over Los Angeles,” said the director who carried out an arduous work of approximately 10 years of research and fights for funding to carry it out.

As details to highlight the film alternates black and white with colorthe scenes of the public are worked in detail although they are impressive due to the overwhelm that the director transmits to us and, among others, the complete casting and the personification of each one of the actors was worked on in detail.

Delving into “Blonde”

The fame that she carried for years is still preserved today, everyone knows who Marilyn Monroe was but nobody really knew her. This is how this film shows us that it is not about her achievements or anything similar, on the contrary it is a production about his great defeats, about his intimacy, his delusions and his impotence.

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“Blonde” evokes the shattered childhood of a woman who has three breaking points in her life: the mental problems of her mother, the absence and unsuccessful search for her father and motherhood that he longed for with all his might but that never came to fruition.

The film shot in the same house where Norma Jean (Marilyn’s real name) grew up, before she spent a few years in the orphanage and also in the house where she appeared dead, recreates in detail each scene in which she was violated, a woman who was not allowed to be the owner of her life, someone who nobody listened to and who, incidentally, challenges viewers to knock down the myth that she was a “blonde” who had “nothing to contribute”.

How does the role of Marilyn and Norma Jean develop?

“Regardless of how the film will be received, Marilyn changed my life,” declared Ana de Armas on the role performed in “Blonde”. In the Venice Film Festival She assured that she “felt full of sadness knowing everything that happened to her, also as a woman, and I did not fight against those feelings, I did not want to protect myself from it”, without a doubt, it shows in her performance because her feelings manage to cross the screen.

It was three and a half hours putting on makeup every day and fixing her hair to personify her.

The actress had several months to prepare this character: “We don’t normally have that luxury of working for that long, we usually have to rush through the project and do it on the fly. But I really had time to study everything. There is so much material about her, so much to see and hear. Is incredible”.

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She assured that her job was not to imitate her but that she was focused on her travels, her feelings and “on her voice, in the sense that she really didn’t have one.”

Watch the trailer for “Blonde”